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Norvalspont Concentration Camp Memorial near the Ga
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Norvalspont Concentration Camp Memorial
Norvalspont Concentration Camp Memorial near the Gariep Dam. Norvalspont was probably established about November 1900, in order to relieve the overcrowded Bloemfontein camp with its dire shortage of water. During a visit to this camp Emily Hobhouse could not even find a trained nurse. The women-camp at Norvalspont was described by Emily Hobhouse as the best women-camp, but even here people died due to of the unnatural circumstances in which they had to live. Death-figures were only recorded from January 1901, and by July 1901, four hundred and twelve people died in the Norvelspont camp. Since June 1901, there were more than three thousand people in the camp, in February 1902 there were three thousand four hundred and seventy-nine residents. The camp at Norvalspont was situated partly on the farm of Mr. James Norval on the southern bank, near enough for people to gather firewood on the riverbank. When the wood in the area became scarce, coal was supplied. Water from a fountain was fed into tanks which were filled regularly, and supplied clean, fresh water. Washing was done in the river. A school was opened in the camp, and accommodated 500 children by the end of July 1901, with Mr. Erasmus as Headmaster and 10 assistants. In June 1901 there were 500 black people in a black concentration camp under management of the Superintendent of the white camp. In February 1901 there were 400 prisoners of war, sent from Green Point after taking the oath. Many prisoners on parole escaped from the different camps, and rejoined the civil forces.
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