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World Cup security

Davina Jogi/Twenty Ten

Location: Cape Town, South Africa

When South Africa was granted the World Cup in 2004, its detractors cited security issues as one of their chief concerns. Johannesburg, which at one stage was deemed to be more violent than some war zones, was at the epicenter of this discussion and Gauteng continues to record higher levels of crimes than other provinces in South Africa.

In order to be awarded the right to host however, the South African government had to make certain guarantees to FIFA regarding a plan for safety and security during the tournament. In 2004, when FIFA sent an inspection team to the country, they noted that “South Africa shows a lack of security,” but were impressed by the South African Police Service (SAPS) security presentation and eventually concluded that safety was achievable, “if people attending the 2010FWC [kept] within certain boundaries.” Overall, FIFA decided that the South African government had enough experience to do the job.

In light of this situation therefore, this photo essay documents the conditions on the ground in Johannesburg in regards to crime, and steps being taken by the SAPS and other law enforcement authorities to prepare for the 2010 World Cup.


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