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Women in Egypt

Emmanuel Kele/Twenty Ten

Location: Cairo, Egypt

CUE: Egypt is an Arab and Islamic country with society largely governed by Islamic norms and tradition. It is an unlikely setting for women's soccer to flourish. However, women's soccer has made some inroads into this country that has dominated men's soccer in Africa for years. A women's football league has been in existence since the 1990s even if it faces some challenges and is still to rise to the level of its male counterpart.

Emmanuel Kele from southern Sudan travelled to Egypt and found out that women have challenged the Arabic and Islamic tradition by playing football and competing at the country's clubs' level.

FX: Egyptian football fans Dur: 00í03íí (Dip and play under and fade out)

LINK 1: These Egyptian fans are cheering at their national team in a match against Paraguay at the
2009 FIFA Under-20 World Cup. The Egyptians lost 1-2 despite spirited home support in the Cairo International Stadium.

Football in Egypt is a passionate game dominated by men. Now women are challenging that male dominance as well as Islamic and traditional norms that frown against women taking part in such activities. Women running around in football shorts would be unthinkable in most Islamic countries, including some of Egypt's Arab neighbours.

SFX...Egyptian football fans fade in

LINK 2: Women's Football in Egypt was started in the mid-1990s by Sahar Al Hawari who is now a member of the Football Association. Since then, some women have even adopted football as a career.

FX: Mosque call to pray (dip and...

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