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Simone Scholtz/TwentyTen

Location: Ventersdorp, South Africa

Following the murder of former leader of the AWB, Eugene Terre'Blanche, on April 3, 2010, the town of Ventersdorp has been the epicentre of a debate about the presence of racial hatred in South Africa.

Allegedly killed by two of his farm workers, Terre’Blanche’s fate highlights the complexity of relationships between farm owners and their staff. Some workers speak fondly of their employees, telling stories of how their ‘missus’ treats them like her own children. Others are invited to share cups of tea with their white ‘bosses’, and some admit that the majority of the violence goes on in the townships, among the black men.

Unfortunately some workers’ stories are not so encouraging, with tales of their wages being withheld and details of beatings they received at the hand of their employers.

The daylight violence perpetrated by men who robbed one farm has led to its occupants no longer trusting any of their workers. While acknowledging this, they also recognise that in order to have a future for their children they must learn to live with their fellow South Africans.

The attitude among the farmers is mixed. Some believe that God is punishing them with the current black leadership in the country, and that Boers are used as scapegoats. Others no longer feel the affects of apartheid and live in harmony with those around them.

As all eyes look to South Africa during the FIFA World Cup, it is...

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