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Township Hospitality

Andrew Kabuura/Twenty Ten

Location: Johannesburg, South Africa

AUDIO: World Cup accommodation in the township of Alexandra.

Associated Features: Township Guest House (Photo Feature)

For the first time the rights to host the FIFA world cup were awarded to the African continent. This announcement came with lots of excitement and stakeholders continent-wide have been planning for the tournament. Our reporter Andrew Kabuura is in Alexandra, Johannesburg, South Africa and now reports about a woman who has turned her residence into a guest house for the visitors during the world cup.

FX 1: World cup song, “wave your flag by kenan” playing and fades 00:7 secs

Link: When Sepp Blatter, the FIFA president, announced on May 15, 2004 that South Africa will be hosting the 2010 World Cup, fans quickly looked to the tournament from different angles.

FX2: “Wave your flag” song continues 00:04 secs.

Link 2: Some were hoping to get tickets and watch a World Cup game on home soil; others thought it was great time for business to boom, while the rest dreamt about meeting and greeting different superstars.

Voxpop: Fans talking about the World Cup 00:10 secs.

Link 3: From a business point, the rich and able quickly bought land, hired labour and started on projects to build hotels and restaurants to cater for the millions of expected visitors and soccer fans.

FX 3: Ladies in Alexandra chatting in local language 00:2sec

Link 4: However, this was not the case in Alexandra,...

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