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Talking drums

Tadele Assefa/Twenty Ten

Article Synopsis: Drums have deep roots in the history of Ghana and are believed will bring luck to their national team. Dressed in colourful dresses, drummers play celebration melodies for the whole 90 minutes which helps players be in full confidence to win.

Date: 200909

Ghana is known as the ‘Gateway to West Africa’ and on the football front when you pass through the gateway you are greeted immediately by the beat, beat, beat of the country's so-called "Talking Drums."

Before during and after any game, it is the sound of drums that is as likely to stay with you just as much as a brilliant passage of play would.

The instruments won their title of "Talking Drums" because the fervour of the drums communicates what is happening on the field. And when the din and beat reach a crescendo one can imagine the drummers are trying to communicate with the juju spirit to come to the aid of the Ghanaian national team - The Black Stars!

The drums and drummers were out in force when Ghana beat Sudan to become the first African team to qualify for the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa.

Dressed in a yellow Ghanaian jersey, Mohammed Abulsamduhe was among the supporters who played his Jembe and Pamlogo. He beats the drums so loud and with such energy it is as if he were using the drum to help the Ghanaian players win the game.

“When I hear the drums I feel so happy,” says Mohammed Abulsamduhe, not missing a...

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