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Surviving for Gold

Kofi Adu Domfeh/Luv 99.5Fm Ghana/Twenty Ten

Location: Welkom, South Africa

AUDIO: The lengths local go to for gold.

The World Cup is made of gold. That’s probably one of the reasons every nation wants to be part of the tournament. Teams play, some loose and one winner takes the Cup home for the next four years.

The gold of the World Cup may have come from the best mining companies in the world, among which are many prosperous South African companies. But the precious natural resource is fuelling a conflict in places like Welkom, where illegal mining is taking place on a large scale. For some people in parts of Africa, illegal gold prospecting is their only means of survival and they will go to extreme lengths to get access to the mineral.

Cue: Clip of an illegal miner. “We’re here because we are looking for the gold…”

Link 1: They are free to live in the Free State, but not free to access the gold dust here. Welcome to Welkom, the city of gold in South Africa’s Free State Province.

Sfx: Song about gold by local artist (play and fade out)

Link 2: Her song Impilo is about gold and for Yondo, who has lived here all her life, there cannot be Welkom without gold.

Cue: “We’re proud of our gold… play and fade out with music.

Link 3: Welkom is the centre of South Africa’s mining industry. Whilst some mining firms have been shut, others, like the Bambanani, Masinong and Harmony Gold Mining Companies have plants currently in operation.

But amidst the...

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