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Sudan female football

Emmanuel Kele/Twenty Ten

Location: Khartoum, Sudan

Sudan prepares its first female footballers

CUE: Most African countries including Egypt have women playing football. Women in Sudan do not play football due to lack of commitment and support and religious norms. FIFA has ordered every country to have female footballers. Emmanuel Kele found out that Sudan is establishing its first women soccer team and preparing it for international matches.

LINK 1: Football in Sudan which is dominated by men is not as passionate as it is in Egypt. Al Hilal and Al Merriehk, which are the two main rivals in Sudan, have been knocked out of the African Champions League. The performance of Sudan in African competitions is poor. Sudan last participated in the African Cup of Nations in 2008 after three decades of absence.

SFX: Mosque call to pray (dip and keep under) 00:005 Play and fade under

LINK 2: Sudan is an Arab country with society largely governed by Islamic norms and tradition in the north while in the south it is liberal because the population is mostly Christians and animist. About half the population of Sudan are Muslims but the practise of female playing football is poor due to lack of support. Despite the southern part of the country being liberal, women running around in football shorts would be unthinkable in most of Sudan's society.

SFX...female footballers 00í03î (Dip, play and fade out)

LINK 3: These female footballers who mostly come from southern Sudan are training in the...

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