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Mohamed Abdou/Twenty Ten

Location: Lagos, Nigeria

You do not have to walk far in the district of Ikeja to find a man with his head buried in a sports newspaper. As soon as the papers are laid out on the table of a stall, or put in the hands of a vendor, the local men are vying for their copy.

Taxi drivers in Underbridge park up when they have no customers, to read the latest stories about their sporting heroes and favourite teams. Shop owners, market stall sellers and ordinary passers by find somewhere to sit so that they can enjoy their favourite past time. Even children carry a copy of the newspaper with them to pore over the pictures with their friends and fuel their passion for sport.

Nigerians are passionate about sport and football in particular. The sports newspapers are the most important medium through which they learn about the ups and downs of their local and national teams. Even the poorest sports enthusiasts club together to buy a shared copy of a paper so they can be up to date with scores, player information and match details.

With the FIFA World Cup soccer showcase on the horizon, the demand for sports news is higher than ever, and those in the business of selling the papers will bring in a roaring trade over the next few months.

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