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Soweto Rock

Antony Kaminju

It’s the music that attracts you to the place. You can hear it from a far. On arrival you have to negotiate your way through a long traffic jam before you get a place to park. It does seem that most of the people on this particular road are heading to the same place.
The place is Panyaza Chesa nyama (‘cook the meat’) in Soweto Township, southern side of Johannesburg, South Africa. Most of the patrons here are young black South Africans who the corporate world call ‘black diamonds’ meaning post apartheid youths with a good bank balance to spend on entertainment.
Although the place has nothing much to offer in terms of scenery it’s a wonder what pulls the youth to this place. They come here in droves every Sunday afternoon adorning the latest fashion labels, sunglasses and girls who walk about as they are on a catwalk knowing very well that they have the crowd’s firm attention.
Most of the people here are well to do youths who have moved to the suburbs but will come back to the township to enjoy drinks and braii with their friends. The cars here are also a site to behold. From sunroof BMW ‘S, Mini coopers, and 4+4 of the top of the range. The cars are spotlessly clean and most have been fitted with 12 to 15 inch subwoofers’. The music blasting from cars is a variety of hip hop and they dance to it aping what they see on...

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