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SA House Music

Goitsemang Nkomo / Rhodes Music Radio / Twenty Ten

Location: Johannesburg, South Africa

AUDIO: The history of house music in South Africa.

South Africa boasts eleven official languages. Despite the variety in languages, the country is brought together through a language that transcends all boundaries: Music. House music is a movement, a language spoken by South Africans, a lifestyle. It is a Cultural affair. House Music is proudly and loudly South African.

Lead: House Music – South Africa’s pride

Link 1: South Africa boasts a unique history from the days of Apartheid to the welcoming of a new Rainbow Nation. Through the course of time, music has been used to tell stories of the people. In the early 90's, the so-called Kwaito music emerged as the voice of the nation used to speak up against political and social injustice. It echoed an anticipation of a new identity, but it wasn’t made to last. After the first democratic election, South Africa sang a new tune. This was the birth of House music. The music of hope, change and the dawn of a new era.

Link 2: South Africans identify very strongly with house music. More than just a genre, it’s a lifestyle with its own special definition.

Insert: Vox pops

In: Siphokazi Mthethwa: Smooth rhythms, thinking deep thoughts poetry. You’re in a different world when you hear it. You forget all your troubles and you just sway your body, that’s what house music is to me.

Sindiswa Mathe: House music is the essence of music. It’s like beats, bass guitar, the drum you know...

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