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Refugees World Cup

Davison Mudzingwa/Twenty Ten

Location: Cape Town, South Africa

AUDIO: Fighting xenophobia with soccer.

Rumours of possible xenophobic outbreaks in South Africa are keeping South Africa’s security agents vigilant. The parliament has even set up a ministerial committee to avoid a similar disaster to the one that rocked South Africa in 2008. However, an 18-year-old Zimbabwean refugee in Cape Town seeks to keep the hate attacks at bay using football. Davison Mudzingwa attended a soccer match organised to speak out against xenophobia.

CLIP 1: EPHRAIM—00:06”

Guys, we are here in South Africa, we don’t have our parents, we need to stay positive and focus on our education...education is the key to success...(applause from colleagues)

LINK: 18-year-old Emphraim Ntlamo has assumed the role of leader in his inner circle of friends. However, the Zimbabwean refugee living in Cape Town has taken the mission beyond his friends. He initiated a football tournament dubbed Kicking Out Xenophobia Campaign

CLIP 2: EPHRAIM—00:13”

When I came here in South Africa from Zimbabwe, I was homeless and I stayed at a shelter, locals used to make us…then I decided that if I form a football team we would know each other better so I formed Refugee VI, a football team made up with refugee children from Africa

LINK: Ntlamo, got assistance from a local non governmental organisation to run a tournament during the FIFA soccer world cup. Teams from various Cape Town communities, particularly informal settlements were xenophobia is rife, play against each other.

FX: SOCCER MATCH (Fade In, Play under) 00:10”


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