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Pyramid football

Mohamed Abdou/Twenty Ten

Location: Giza, Egypt.

The pyramids in Egypt are not just a site of great historical significance or a popular tourist destination, they provide locals with employment and many families survive on the income generated from trading in the area.

Whether selling souvenirs to international visitors, or offering camel rides around the majestic Sphinx, local men spend their days waiting for tourists to arrive. During the hot afternoons and the moments of calm when business is quiet, the men do what they love best – play football.

With ball in hand, competitive business men join sides and souvenir sellers take to the sand to perfect their passes and improve their soccer skills. Even the children of local women who read the Koran in the shade can be seen throwing a ball about in front of the ancient Pyramids.

With the FIFA World Cup soccer showcase about to kick off in South Africa, football fans continent-wide are being inspired by the game and impassioned to follow in the footsteps of their nation’s greatest players.

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