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Overcoming Disability

Davison Mudzingwa/TwentyTen

Location: Sebokeng, South Africa


Community integrates mentally challenged through soccer.

CUE: Having a mentally ill child is widely regarded in some African Communities as a curse from the Gods. Sebokeng community near Johannesburg is no exception. However, a local initiative seeks to empower the mentally challenged children through soccer tournaments. Davison Mudzingwa spent a day at one such tournament and finds that social issues are tackled on the pitch.

FX: SOCCER MATCH (Fade In, Play Under) 5 sec

LINK 1: It’s a five aside match underway and two sets of teams trying hard to play on this grass patched ground with makeshift goal posts. It’s not the fancy-skilled brand of soccer one would witness elsewhere. But the lack of skill and fitness does not seem to dampen the mood of supporters who are rallying behind their respective sides.

FX: SUPPORTERS (Fade In, Play, Fade Under) 5 sec

LINK 2: This game of soccer is the first of its kind in this Sebokeng community in the Vaal. Children with mental disabilities from two schools are playing for a trophy.

It’s to highlight the importance of world and make them feel wanted because in most cases they are not taken care of.

Link 3: Peter Zamisa is a head librarian at the Sebokeng Community Library. He says the match was organised to instil the culture of reading in children with mental challenges.

CLIP 2: PETER—8 sec

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