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Old is gold

Julius Mwelu/Twenty Ten

Location: Nairobi, Kenya

Few women over the age of forty who have children, jobs and a household to run, can find the time to play football. One exception is the Old is Gold women’s football team from Mathare slums in Nairobi.

These forty-somethings love nothing more than to pull on a pair of shorts, sit their children on the sidelines and jump onto an often muddy football pitch for a kick about.

The Mathare Police Depot field forms the backdrop to this inspiring phenomenon, where players gather to exercise and learn how to play together as a team. The smiling faces of their children urge them on from beside the pitch as neither puddles nor the onset of dusk puts the players off.

With the FIFA World Cup soccer showcase on the horizon, the passion and commitment of members in the Old is Gold team only goes to show the far reaching impact that football has on all people groups on the African continent.

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