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Nigerian culture

Eden Berhane/Twenty Ten

Nigerian culture at the football field

CUE: Nigeria, a country of more than 250 ethnic groups, is a true melting pot of several cultures. As social activities are a reflection of a country’s culture, how is Nigeria’s cultural diversity linked to football? Here is Eden Berhane with various Nigerian’s views.

FX 1: Nigerian football fans song 00: 07’ [PLAY AND FADE UNDER]

LINK 1: In Lagos, Nigeria, everywhere you go the main sporting activity you see is football. Nigeria is an African sport giant, even if its past glory has waned now. Nigerian youths still play football whenever they get a chance, like during their coffee breaks.

Football is popular culture in Nigeria, but what can one see in Nigerian football that is a representation of the national culture? I put this question to Olibu Ifeaye Richard, a lecturer in Sociology at the Nigerian institute of journalism (NIJ) in Lagos:

CLIP 1: Olibu Richard 00:29’

“Culture is a composite of dance steps of songs, folklores, dressing. All these are reflected during football competition in Nigeria .The way they sing to encourage the foot ball matches, they way they celebrate, the dressing they puts on, even the way the hair do all are the reflect of the cultural backgrounds of the fans”.

LINK 2: Footballer Sandyago Yade says in football fields we can also observe cultural insights. According to Sandyago football team names by themselves demonstrate Nigerian culture.

CLIP 2: Sandy Yade 00:35’

“Eagles stands for strength, in...

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