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Namibian referees

Scara Johannes-Matundu/Twenty Ten

The Plight of Namibia Soccer Referees, are Referees Well Looked After?

Location: Namibia

CUE: Despite insults, abusive language, and sometimes life threats made towards referees in the Namibian soccer game, referees have continued to officiate during matches. Recently, in a match played between two local clubs, Black Africa FC and Civics Sports Club, a FIFA accredited referee, Alex Tieho, was nearly assaulted by an angry Black Africa supporters after awarding a red card to one of their (Black Africa’s) players.

The angry mob stood outside the changing rooms approximately for an hour awaiting the referee to emerge possible to assault him. However, this potentially chaotic situation was averted when the Namibian police intervened and escorted the referee to safety.

Twenty Ten All Star, Scara Johannes-Matundu, investigated and two questions were central here. Do referees officiate for the love of the game, or for the love of Money? And if there is no money in the referee business, why do referees risk their integrity and lives by exposing themselves to all forms of abuse and possible physical assault by unruly soccer supporters, when some of them are employed elsewhere as Engineers and Medical Doctors?

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LINK 1: Edwarth “Boy Boy” Ndjandila, who played his soccer in the early 80s, is now holding the position of Education Officer and Referee Co-ordinator with the Namibian Football Association and has this view, first starting with how it all started and why he had to choose refereeing ahead of coaching and...

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