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My passion for football

Nanama Keita/Twenty Ten

Location: Banjul, Gambia

My passion for African football

I have a great passion for African soccer and a pure adoration for one great African legend, Jay Jay Okocha. His emergence on the African soccer scene saw the continent join Brazil’s ‘Samba train’, bringing on board a style that has ruled the world for decades in terms of appeal, but is not seen much in today’s football.

Football is perhaps the only game that enjoys worldwide popularity. Not too many sports in the world are blessed with the huge number of legendary players that football has seen so far in its glorious history. Football has the unique power to find fans in almost every corner in the world. Having said that, it is also true that football is not played with the same intensity in all parts of the world. The classic style attached to the game is not the same across the world.
It’s widely touted that European football has an international fan following, compared with African football, which is believed to be confined to the continent, both in international and club football. For example, it was believed that not too many football fans were interested in the 2008 Africa Nations Cup played in Ghana, yet Euro 2008 saw fans from around the world glued to their screen for the month-long European showpiece.
However, my own interpretation of the recent changing of the guard in African football is very simple. Nations like Nigeria and Cameroon had created shockwaves in...

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