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Milla-Eto’o Squabble

Bongben Leocadia Jisi/ Twenty Ten

Location: Yaoundé, Cameroon

Lions’ defeat re-ignites Eto’o-Milla debate.

The Eto’o-Milla squabble that was a hot topic of debate in Cameroon before the World Cup has resurfaced yet again and divided Cameroonians. There are fears that the debate may go on for a long time if Cameroon is finally kicked out of the World Cup. But, what was the source of the Milla-Eto’o squabble?

The defeat of the Indomitable Lions by the Japanese side, 1-0, as Cameroon made its entry into World Cup, has re-ignited the Milla-Eto’o clash that hit Cameroon on the eve of the World Cup. Disappointment leads to disillusionment and then to the release of tension. For Cameroonian football lovers, the Milla- Eto’o disagreement provided an outlet for their anger.

The immediate reaction after the match was, “Let Eto come here and answer Milla”. A Cameroonian journalist, Pierre Bertrand Amougou, lashed out a few minutes after the press conference during which the Lions’ captain, Samuel Eto’o, was conspicuously absent.

He merely voiced the thoughts of thousands of disappointed Cameroonians. Hongba Nadege fumed, “Eto’o did not play anything, he was like a passenger in the field taking throws, and this confirms what Milla said”.

But what did the 1990 star say that ignited the heated debate that divided the country into the Milla-Eto’o camps? During one of his media outings, Milla declared in Agence France Presse that, his son, brother, and colleague, Samuel Eto’o, “Has not contributed much to the national...

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