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Exclusion zone

Nikki Rixon/Twenty Ten

Uncertainty over FIFA Exclusion Zone

The construction of the new 2010 FIFA World Cup stadium means that Cape Town’s well-known Green Point Informal Trading Market has been temporarily relocated to a nearby site in the bowling green parking lot on Western Boulevard. FIFA has issued a ban on traders within 1 kilometre of the stadium citing protection of sponsors as justification. Local government have only allocated 269 bays at the alternative site despite the fact that there were over 800 traders at the original site.

Traders resent the enforced relocation, and fear that this move will cause them to miss out on valuable commerce during the World Cup games which will in turn cause their business to suffer. Many traders have erected stalls every Sunday for years, and feel that they are being unjustly treated.

Informal trading provides a vital lifeline for thousands of families who would otherwise never have access to the economy because they lack or cannot access the necessary capital. It provides a real opportunity for people to escape the poverty trap. It also provides a platform for ordinary people to become entrepreneurs and to develop further.

Moerida is a single mother who supports her family with her income generated from the markets. She sold spices and incense on the Grand Parade Green Point market for close to 30 years before the relocation. She says that many well-established traders have been pushed aside by city council and FIFA and are losing income from this forced removal to a...

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