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Coffee in Ethiopia

Richard Human

Grounds for change: Images of the Coffee Industry in Ethiopia

The consumer driven societies of Europe, the U.S, Japan and Australasia are revolting. For years they have been screwing the food producers of the world with demands of "more" and "cheaper". Using the considerable muscle of their supermarkets, households have had ever-cheaper food delivered to their tables for many years now, but today there seems to be a whiff change in the air. There is a perceptible shift occurring in the shopping habits of the small but powerful and wealthy societies of the North. Today customers in London, New York, Tokyo and Wellington can be found at the checkouts with trolley's and baskets full of Fairtrade labeled fruit grown in a sustainable manner in the Caribbean, T-shirts produced from non-exploitative cotton plantations in Asia, meat - produced on a farm that they drive past every day, chocolate, wine and coffee from real farming families in Africa. O.K, so this is perhaps not the revolution the likes of Che Guevara had in mind, but things are changing and many believe they are changing for the better.

Having spent decades eating food produced in industrial quantities, by mechanical means the Northern consumer is now increasingly concerned about food health and safety issues and the social and ecological implications of their international purchases. Given their growing distrust of conventional agro-industrial foods, consumers are tuning in large numbers to organic and Fairtrade labeled products. Organic and Fairtrade products represent some of the fastest growing segments...

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