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Chasing a dream

Eden Berhane/Twenty Ten

Chasing a football dream

Location: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

CUE: The 1989 UN Convection on Rights of the Child promotes the well-being of children and their development. This right was included in the MDGs. In 2002 UNDP considered that sport can make a contribution to the achievement of MDGs goals. Ethiopia, as one of the developing countries, how far went, on fulfilling this MDGs with the contribution of sport.

Here is Eden Berhane from Ethiopia with a story about street football-playing children for Twenty Ten.

Fx 1: [sound of youths’ paying football in streets]Fade under 00: 5’

LINK 1: Bisrat Behonegn is one of those street footballers who live in so called Tekle Haymaot area in Addis Ababa. Bisrat’s passion for soccer is unmatched playing in the road side on the busty street of Tekele Haymanot, where many vehicles of different size buzz. Those busy streets are the only football field that he knows and where he excels.

He does not seem to care about street regulations; all he cares about is grab a ball and play ball, as he dreams of one day becoming a member of national football squad and play internationally. He says he wishes to play football day long but has to work and go to school.

CLIP 1: [I know we are not allowed that to play in this street but we have no choice. My wish is to play soccer with out any treats.


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