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Africa's Arab rep

Mohamed Abdou/Twenty Ten

A feature from the Soccer World Cup 2010: Algeria

Africa's Arab representation

Location: Egypt

Which African country would win the honour of representing the Arab world in the Soccer World Cup Championship to be hosted by South Africa in 2010? It was a close run between Algeria and Egypt on November 14th in Cairo, and although Egypt triumphed in this match, Algeria went through to qualify for the World Cup. The results of this game, arguably tainted by antics from overly enthusiastic fans, dictated who will be Africa's Arab representative in the approaching Soccer World Cup Championship.

The rivalry between the two teams has mounted over the years, but none so intense as the enmity between the fans which has led to violence and mayhem in some instances. Algerians are celebrating their victory amidst accusations of foul play and eagerly anticipate their journey into the World Cup. Egypt's disappointment at not representing Africa's Arabs this time around is tangible. Some are calling for the countries to unite in their commitment to their roots instead of opposition to each other. United front or not, Algeria will be the team who represents Africa's Arab nation to the world during the 2010 World Cup.


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