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A female football fan

Amos Gumulira/Twenty Ten

A feature from the Soccer World Cup 2010: Ghana

Location: Accra, Ghana

Helen Teye, a loyal member of the Ghana Female Supporters Union, is a lot more than just another football fan. Not only does she fervently support her local team, Accra Hearts of Oak, and her national team, Black Stars, she is also a dedicated wife, a mother of four, a business woman and a devoted member of the Church of Pentecost in her area, popularly called Nana Appa in James Town, Accra, Ghana.

The struggle for female empowerment is typical for many Ghanaian women. Like Helen, they believe that women should have the opportunities to achieve what men can. They want to be self-sufficient, confident and free to pursue their passions.

Helen’s passion is football. She is involved in the Women Supporters Union, an organisation that rallies behind both local and national teams. She attends soccer matches religiously and participates in the celebration by wearing her team’s colours. In the run up to the FIFA World Cup soccer tournament, Helen, and women like her, will be preparing to go all out in support of their country.

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