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Football pubs

Charles Kimani/Twenty Ten

Pubs play an integral part in the life of the many residents of Nairobi! And any mention of the pub and people will relate it to football! It is with this in mind that I set out to look what makes these many football pubs in Nairobi different from other pubs.
The other reason why pub are synonymous with Football is since many of the citizens cant afford Televisions they end up watching football in the pubs plus also the need for company during the match.
I set out along Kimathi street situated in the central business district area of the city ands its synonymous with pub as it has at least a pub in every building.
Through my photography project the English premier League turned out to be very much supported with the big four of; Manchester United, Arsenal FC, Liverpool FC and Chelsea FC being the most supported club in the city and with their flags and other memorabilia being on display in almost all the pub.
The managers of the pubs though at ease to explain the support of this clubs by many citizens they also said that during the world cup they will be sporting different colors of the African countries which will be participating in the world cup in South Africa come June 2010 as many of the patrons will have no otherwise than to support this teams since Kenya will not be among the participating countires, they also talked of the support of African teams...

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