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Educating girls

Richard Mulonga/Twenty Ten

THE hosting of the FIFA World Cup in South Africa next year has comes with many socio-economic challenges on neighbouring countries such as Zambia.
The event would result in considerable income for many countries. But in Zambia, it will also bring with it challenges such as human trafficking.
Zambia has remained a major transit point for drug and human trafficking. But the focus is now on human trafficking. Zambia has graduated from being a transit point to be an actual place where women and girls are trafficked to South Africa under the pretext of a better life. When trafficked to South Africa, the women and girls are coerced into sex work and the envisaged lucrative income is never fulfilled.
In Zambia, some organizations have heightened the campaign to sensitise women and girls on defilement, rape, and human trafficking, especially in the advent of the FIFA World Cup.
Defilement, rape and trafficking of adolescent girls has become rife in most Zambian Townships.
Some community based organizations and schools are using football to gather adolescent girls to educate them on the vices.
The organizations have also realized that engaging adolescent girls in football keeps them away from other social activities such as pre-marital sex and substance abuse.
Football has been identified as an easy social avenue to communicate because it also offers the girls physical education, entertainment and mental health.

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