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Anton Hammerl images

Update 20 May 2011: Anton's family were informed yesterday of the tragic news that Anton had been killed on the 5th of April by Gadaffi's forces.

South African photographer, Anton Hammerl, who has disappeared in Libya, uploaded images to his website just before his disappearance. These images are now available for publication through Africa Media Online.

The images are of : “Benghazi based Anti Gadaffi freedom fighters 10km outside the recaptured town of Brega en route to the ever moving frontline bomb rebel 'Shabaab' freedom fighters despite being bombed by Nato aircraft.Gadaffi's forces regaining ground close to Aljabya for the sixth time in two weeks. This after the coalition forces handed over the defensive action to Nato who has ceased bombing targets that were seen as harmful to civilians in Libya. On 8 April, loyalist forces attempted to recapture the city. Taking advantage of a disorganised rebel retreat following the Third Battle of Brega, loyalist troops entered the city and had taken control of most of it by 9 April. However, rebel forces soon regrouped and had pushed pro-Gaddafi forces out of the city by 11 April, with heavy support from NATO airstrikes. The front line then stagnated outside of the city, 40 km down the road to Brega. Loyalist shells continued to intermittently strike the western gate and outskirts of the city for several days.” (Anton Hammerl)

(For further information visit the Free Photographer Anton Hammerl Facebook page or sign the Petition to release Anton)

Hammerl, who is...

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